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She was an angel

     Where are the angels? How to find them      She always looked like an ordinary girl, she had problems like everyone else, but smaller and greater joys met her. It was all so gray, bland, but at the same time normal and quite common. However, she has always believed in angels …      Angels were […]

Anka planned to spend New Year’s Eve at home … until the doorbell rang.

     Dad helped my mother put on her coat and then turned to me.      – Are you sure that everything will be okay Anna?     I nodded my head.     – When will Kaśka come? – Asked my mother.     I looked at my watch.     – Per hour. She said it was at eight o’clock at the latest.     Dad smiled at […]

Life wisdom

     A well-known American investment adviser was sitting on a coastal rock in a small Mexican village when a modest fisherman boat came ashore. There were several large tuna in the boat. The American, admiring the fish, asked the Mexican:      – How long have you been fishing them?      – Just a few moments. […]