A mountain of a man has a high pitched squeaky voice

A mountain of a man has a high pitched squeaky voice

A mountain of a man has a high-pitched squeaky voice, so after years of rejection he goes to the doctor. The doctor does lab work, examines the guy all over, and sits down with the man.

“Well,” the doctor says, “all your labs, including your testosterone level, are absolutely normal. The thing is that your pen…”

“Yes, doctor? What about my pen?” squeaks the man.

“You have an unusually large pen, and the weight is pulling on your vocal cords, making them produce a higher pitch. We can remove the middle 5 inches and reanastomose (reconnect) the

ends. The resultant weight reduction will allow your voice to return to a normal tibre for a man your size.”

The guy looks down into his lap and squeakily says, “OK, doc. Do what you have to do.”

The doctor sets up the surgery, which is uneventful, and the guy wakes from surgery. The surgical nurse is there and gives him his discharge instructions, including, instructions to return

in three weeks and that he will find that his voice will be appropriately deep by then.

Three weeks later the guy shows up for his appointment, hugs the doctor, and says in a deep manly voice, “Doc, it worked perfect! I have deep, manly voice now! Thank you so much!

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