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Secret of Happiness

Why the “Secret of Happiness?” The mission of St. Bridget Initial explanations Fifteen prayers Promises confirmationThe words of the Lord Jesus “My Body received 5480 blows. If you want to celebrate them with pious practice, say 15 Our Father and 15 Hail with the prayers I have taught you throughout the […]

Who really loves God?

     An angel walked the streets of a small town; he held a torch in his right hand and a water bucket in his left.      – What are you going to do with this fire and water? a passerby asked.      The angel replied:      – I will set fire to paradise with the flame […]

Snow Angels

     … It was my first snow storm in my life. Although I’ve seen snow during rare visits to these mountains, I’ve never seen it rain before. It was raining like a long night. In the end we all fell asleep. I slept very hard because of the violent gusts of wind, which worried me […]

She was an angel

     Where are the angels? How to find them      She always looked like an ordinary girl, she had problems like everyone else, but smaller and greater joys met her. It was all so gray, bland, but at the same time normal and quite common. However, she has always believed in angels …      Angels were […]

God’s will

     A man really wanted to know God’s way, why the world looks like it looks. When he lay down under the tree and meditating on it, he asked God for an answer, an angel stood beside him and said:      – Come with me and I will show you the ways of […]

About Wonderful Flower

     One young monk, looking at a wonderfully flowered meadow, said to his superior:      – The vow of chastity is hard for us religious. It’s like having plenty of wonderful, fragrant flowers in front of you and not being able to break even one …      A married man passed by and heard […]

Longing for rapprochement

Two electrical wires have been working together for years; in harmony, fairness, persistence, and awareness of the importance of their work. They were wary of their longing for getting closer together: they often dreamed of only touching themselves, sometimes – when the longing was too big – they turned to […]

Have a brilliant son

     Yahweh, Lord of the World, blessed me with a brilliant son. And he cursed me, considering all the problems associated with his upbringing. Ah, what does it mean to have a brilliant son! Not only clever but brilliant. Joshua, a boy with a mind like a jewel. Ah, what a curse, what a distress to […]

Life wisdom

     A well-known American investment adviser was sitting on a coastal rock in a small Mexican village when a modest fisherman boat came ashore. There were several large tuna in the boat. The American, admiring the fish, asked the Mexican:      – How long have you been fishing them?      – Just a few moments. […]