There was a girl and a boy. He is handsome, wise and above all good. She wasn’t very beautiful at all, but just as He was good and wise. Sometimes she was even surprised that such a handsome boy got interested in her. There were so many beautiful girls around the world, you can choose from a shop, but He chose her. Why? I don’t think anyone knows but him. They loved each other very much and everyone talked about it. There was always smile and peace on their faces. Someone will say: “They were rich, hence the satisfaction.” No, they were not rich. They came from normal families, in which there are also troubles, worries, but also joy. The joy came from the fact that they had each other, that they were together, that they could talk to each other, laugh and cry when there were any sorrows. However, the day came when sadness settled in their hearts for a long time. A day she will never forget. He had a car accident. Seriously wounded, he was taken to hospital where the doctors gave no chance of survival. However, Someone up there watched and gave a few more days … Why do the dying people have a few more days? Nothing will come of it !!! She and He needed these few days badly. And I think that this time gave more than the previous time spent together in joy and happiness. The Lord gave strength to let him dictate a letter to his beloved. For what purpose? For what? Is everything going to end in a moment?

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With these questions, or without them, the letter was made and was the most beautiful letter she received, although at first she could not understand, accept and accept the will of the One who gave those few days. Just a few days. And what was in the letter? After all, at the age of 18 or a little more you have to try it. You can’t buy a pig in a poke. But I have never thought this way with you, and when such thoughts came to you very discreetly, but you were able to get it out of my mind. Thank you for hugs, discreet kisses, holding hands. You just were the guardian of OUR purity. ” She did not receive this letter immediately. Many days passed before she read it. When He left, She screamed all over the world: “Why me? Why did it happen to me? After all, we were supposed to be together for good and bad days?” At some point, she also thought that she had not managed to give him the most beautiful: herself. “Why didn’t I go to bed with him? There were so many opportunities: trips, lonely evenings, etc.?” And she couldn’t understand and accept it. Fortunately, the day came when she could read the letter from him. Reading him with tears in her eyes, she discovered that she had saved herself and him. He perceived her in a beautiful and pure way, and although other girls were sometimes surprised that with such a guy he could not use it, she used her femininity in the most beautiful way she could: she guarded and cared for what was clean, though maybe out of fashion in today’s world.
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She suffered for a long time after the death of her beloved, but she suffered this suffering without being ashamed of her deeds that she could commit. She was clean. He, however, looks down on her and now protects her by interceding with the Lord. And she? What is he doing now? No one knows. Maybe he is waiting for someone who will love her as she is, maybe she meets with someone and continues to protect, or maybe she is already entertaining her children and raising her to cleanliness.