Man spends dog as a sheep to save money

man spends dog as a sheep to save money

Dog or sheep, in some dog breeds, this can not be established beyond doubt at first glance. At a check in Rostock not even the police were sure.

Presumably to save dog tax, a Rostocker has insisted that his dog is a sheep. The animal of the man was noticed in the city harbor of Rostock the harbor Vogt. This is responsible for order and cleanliness. The dog or the sheep – at that time, that was not clear beyond doubt – did not carry a tax stamp.

When asked, the owner explained that his pet was a sheep that did not receive any taxes. The suspicious Hafenvogt informed the police, which paid the pet owner a home visit – accompanied by a veterinarian. This could determine beyond doubt that the animal, a dog of the breed “Perro de Agua Español” (also “Spanish Water Dog”), Although a sheep very similar – but just a dog.

The police believe that the man exploited the similarity of his dog with a sheep in order not to pay the dog tax. Now he faces additional payments and a tax evasion case.

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