In the wake of human everyday life

A stork hacks car doors because he feels threatened by his own reflection. The poor is not the only animal that finds everyday human life confusing. Whether trampoline jumping foxes or a dog who prefers to play with the leaf blower – an overview of crazy animals.

Object of desire: car

That’s what man does: reinstall, buckle up, drive off. By car we drive through our everyday lives. But even if we are not behind the wheel, the car is a little too good. For example, for a quick look in the mirrored disc: Is the hairstyle still sitting?

In the wake of human everyday life

That’s what makes the animal: This mirror image ensures in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Lower Saxony for scratches in the car. The culprit is already known in the media as “Der Stänker-Storch”. A white stork, who is foraging in the villages, attacks there car and front doors. In his reflection he recognizes an enemy whom he – in the truest sense of the word – tries to outdo.

Object of desire: trampoline

That’s what makes man: to jump into the sky, let off steam, sometimes perform even little tricks – although children regularly strain the nerves of their parents, if they romp all the time on the blanket, but you can not blame them really. The trampoline is the garden utensil with the highest fun factor.

In the wake of human everyday life

This makes the animal jump into the sky, let off steam, only with the tricks does it work for these two foxes not so completely. But that does not matter to them: with their ears up, they hop on the hammock back and forth. They were actually accidentally advised during a Kabbelei on the trampoline.

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