Life wisdom

     A well-known American investment adviser was sitting on a coastal rock in a small Mexican village when a modest fisherman boat came ashore. There were several large tuna in the boat. The American, admiring the fish, asked the Mexican:

     – How long have you been fishing them?

     – Just a few moments.

     – Why didn’t you fish longer – would you catch more fish?

     – The ones I have are quite enough for the needs of my family.

     The American continued:

     – So what do you devote the rest of your time to?

     – I sleep a long time, catch a little, play with the children, spend a siesta with my wife, in the evening I will jump into the village, where I slurp wine and play the guitar with my amigos – I run a busy and happy life.

     The American laughed ironically and said:

     – I’m a Harvard graduate and I can help you. You should spend more time fishing, then you will be able to buy a larger boat, thanks to it you will be fishing more and you will be able to buy several boats. In the end you will earn an entire flotilla. Instead of selling fish at a wholesaler wholesaler, you’ll be able to deliver them directly to stores, then set up your own chain of stores. You will control catches, processing and distribution. You will be able to leave this small village and move to Mexico City, then Los Angeles, and even to New York, from where you will manage your ever-growing business.

     The Mexican fisherman interrupted:

     – How long will it all last?

     – 15, maybe 20 years.

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     – And then what?

     The American smiled and stated:

     – Then the most pleasant will happen. At the right moment you will be able to sell your company on the stock exchange and become extremely rich, you will earn many millions.

     – Millions? And what’s next?

     – Then you will be able to retire, move to a small village on the Mexican coast, sleep long, fish a little, play with children, spend a siesta with your wife, in the evening go to the village, where you will sip wine and play the guitar with your amigos …