Have a brilliant son

     Yahweh, Lord of the World, blessed me with a brilliant son. And he cursed me, considering all the problems associated with his upbringing. Ah, what does it mean to have a brilliant son! Not only clever but brilliant. Joshua, a boy with a mind like a jewel. Ah, what a curse, what a distress to have Joshua whose mind shines like a pearl, like the sun.

     Oh, Yahweh, when Joshua was six years old, I saw him reading – he swallowed the story of eating food or water. There was no heart in him, only the mind itself. Mind in body without heart. It was a story of a poor old man who tried to visit Jerusalem before he died. Ah, how he suffered! And my Joshua read with pleasure, he even enjoyed the terrible ending, because when he finished, he first realized that he has a great memory. He looked at me proudly and told me the whole content from memory, and I cried in spirit.

     I went outside and shouted to the Lord of the Universe: “Why? What have you done to me? Do I need such a mind for my son? I need a heart for him. I need a soul for him. I want compassion from him. Righteousness, mercy, strength to endure suffering – this is what I want from son, not mind without soul, without heart! ” 

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