Day: August 31, 2019

Not too young, not too old

     Quality of life is not a matter of chronology. Before considering that you are too old or too young for a new venture or challenge, consider the lives of a few people who did not let age stand in their way.      George Burns won his only Oscar when he was eighty. […]

Dig a little deeper

     Among the stories of the gold rush in California is the one about two brothers who sold out everything they had and went in search of gold. They discovered the vein of shimmering ore, obtained the rights to the plot and made efforts to extract expensive ore. At first everything was fine, […]

Mother’s love

     Long ago, there was a peaceful tribe living in the lowlands at the foot of the Andes. One day, a dangerous band of bandits hiding in a cave among the high mountains attacked his settlement.      Among the spoils was a child of one of the lowland tribe’s families – robbers abducted […]

Find what we have long wanted

     The first-born son of a wealthy family came home the day before receiving the diploma. In the family and among friends there was a custom of parents giving a graduate a gift.      Therefore, father and son visited the best car dealerships in the city and finally found the perfect car.      The […]

Old black cat

     There was an old black cat in the family who behaved strangely after dinner. He didn’t want to eat or go out or do anything else. He sat dejected on the ground, waiting for everyone to sit down. Then he jumped on someone’s knees and then sat in his arms. Once in the place […]

Why I love my mother

     Look mom! exclaimed Marta, a seven-year-old girl.      – Now now! the woman mumbled nervously, driving the car and thinking about many things that waited at home.      Then there was dinner, television, bathing, phone calls, until the time came to go to sleep.      – Martha, it’s time to go to bed! – And she […]

Grandpa, come back home

     The doctor bowed his head in confusion. His patient’s condition showed no improvement. The old man has stopped responding to treatment for ten days. He did not get up from the hospital bed and seemed to no longer want to fight for his life – tired and resigned.      The next day, the doctor […]

Mom, listen to me with your eyes

     A young mother was preparing dinner in the kitchen, focused entirely on what she was doing: she was going to fry the fries. She worked intently to prepare a dish that children would love. Fries liked the most.      The smallest of the children, four years old, had a full day at kindergarten […]

Have a brilliant son

     Yahweh, Lord of the World, blessed me with a brilliant son. And he cursed me, considering all the problems associated with his upbringing. Ah, what does it mean to have a brilliant son! Not only clever but brilliant. Joshua, a boy with a mind like a jewel. Ah, what a curse, what a distress to […]

Life wisdom

     A well-known American investment adviser was sitting on a coastal rock in a small Mexican village when a modest fisherman boat came ashore. There were several large tuna in the boat. The American, admiring the fish, asked the Mexican:      – How long have you been fishing them?      – Just a few moments. […]