There was an old black cat in the family who behaved strangely after dinner. He didn’t want to eat or go out or do anything else. He sat dejected on the ground, waiting for everyone to sit down. Then he jumped on someone’s knees and then sat in his arms. Once in the place he desired, he began to flex himself before he was stroked. He bent to lie down comfortably, straightened his paws. Every now and then he would fawn, grunting loudly. He looked at everyone with open and adoring eyes, long, trustful, cat eyes.

     The children were simply saying, “Attila needs to fetch”.

     The father explained this ritual as follows: “In our family it is not the only one who needs it: even me and my wife. I know that the desire for caresses is not related to any age. I attribute it especially to children, with their need for spontaneous hugs, taking hands, hugs, caring for the night – not because something bad has happened or something is missing – they just are.

     There are many things I would like to give to all children. If I had to choose one, I would like to give each child the opportunity to cuddle at least once a day. Children, like cats, have a need to go lazing. ” 

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