Find what we have long wanted

     The first-born son of a wealthy family came home the day before receiving the diploma. In the family and among friends there was a custom of parents giving a graduate a gift.

     Therefore, father and son visited the best car dealerships in the city and finally found the perfect car.

     The young man was sure that he would find him, shiny and with a full tank, in front of the house on the day of graduation.

     His surprise was great when his father met him that day with a smile and … with a book in his hand. Scripture.

     The young man angrily rejected the book and from that day did not speak to his father a word. After a few months he found a job in a distant city.

     She brought home the news of his father’s death.

     The night before the funeral, while searching the notes on his father’s desk, he found the Holy Bible that his father gave him.

     Moved with conscience, he blew the dust that settled on the cover of the book and opened it. He discovered a check between the pages, dated to the day of receipt of the diploma and detailing the value of the car he had chosen.

     A sealed book, useless and dusty for many. And yet among its pages is hidden what we have long wanted. 

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