Long ago, there was a peaceful tribe living in the lowlands at the foot of the Andes. One day, a dangerous band of bandits hiding in a cave among the high mountains attacked his settlement.

     Among the spoils was a child of one of the lowland tribe’s families – robbers abducted them to the mountains.

     People from the lowlands did not know how to overcome the mountains. They did not know the routes used by people from the mountains, they could not find those people or find their tracks on the mountain roads.

     Still, they sent a group of their best warriors to go to the mountains and bring the child home. These people tried to climb first one way, then another. After many days and efforts, they managed to climb only a few hundred meters up.

     Feeling their utter powerlessness, the lowland people declared themselves defeated and began preparing to return to the settlement below.

     When they returned, they saw the child’s mother walking towards them. They realized that he was descending from the mountains they could not climb. And then they saw that she was carrying a child on her back. How did she do it?

     One of the group members greeted her and said:

     – We didn’t manage to climb these mountains. How did you do what we, the strongest men in the settlement, couldn’t?

     The woman, shrugging, said:

     – It wasn’t your child.

     God said to each of us: “You are my beloved son. You are my child.” And nothing and nobody will stop him from leading us home.