Dig a little deeper

     Among the stories of the gold rush in California is the one about two brothers who sold out everything they had and went in search of gold. They discovered the vein of shimmering ore, obtained the rights to the plot and made efforts to extract expensive ore. At first everything was fine, but suddenly something strange happened. The vein of gold is gone! In pursuit of the rainbow, they reached its end, but a pot of gold was not there. They tried to dig even further, but in vain. In the end, discouraged, they gave up.

     They sold the equipment and land rights for a few hundred dollars and took the return train. Meanwhile, the buyer of their land hired an engineer to examine the rock layers at the mine. The expert advised him to keep digging where the brothers stopped searching. And one meter deep the new owner found gold.

     A little more perseverance and the two brothers would become millionaires themselves. Gold is also in each of you. Maybe you need to dig a little deeper? 

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