I feel bored, that’s not a satisfying condition. That’s why I decided to kill some people. There will not be innocent harmless passers-by, I’m not that sick, though one or the other, I say, damn many deserve to be brutally clean-cut with a grinning smile. This boundless stupidity around me makes me aggressive.

No topic now, they may come later.

I have a list with names of people who annoy me. And think about how brilliantly I could bring her around the corner.

It’s one of my sleepless nights, I’ll curl up my dog, who’s always awake, even if I am, then he thinks I’m walking around in the airy shirt with him barefooted at three in the morning, or at least chocolates for him give. Of course, I do not do that. He has tartar and increased, so I have to be strict, also I have no desire at this time to walk half naked with him and freezing. I would not be afraid. I am angry and strong. Maybe only partially, but I need variety and revenge.

My dog ​​stares at me stupidly and suspiciously, ears down, no tail wagging, because I stammer, “I kill you, everyone.”

Presumably, he thinks, as oblique as he always thinks, I would have it for him too, he is a Schissbuxe, at the slightest noise he swears to be shot right now and right on the spot. So I rub him the sleep from the black eyes and give him liquorice and stuffed olives, I want to calm him, he is not my victim. I’m inconsistent, but he looks hungry and sad. And I want to kill.

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I’m sitting here, smoking, drinking red wine, I’m angry and still amused, it’s cursing late, and my list is up.

I do not give away names.

There’s a former girlfriend who messed up my fun in common, that’s her turn. I’ll cut off her fat breasts, that certainly hurts, and then rip out that cheeky loud tongue before I graciously cut her throat.

I’ll do it.

My sister’s ex is definitely going to be in some pain. I grab his eggs, I hold them in my hands for a moment, then I pluck them from him, I have strength, and throw them into his stupid aquarium. The fish staring and nibbling, he screams because I cut off his fingers, I’m unmoved, he is also tied up, the idiot, what can he do with himself, was cool for me, now probably no more. I stab him in the stomach and in the lungs, have a great knife, so slowly he will probably die.

I burn this ass face of neighbor. Granted, that’s unattractive. He is always drunk anyway, because I put fire, he gets nothing with and away. Pay my parents no rent and posing in leather pants and Brilli in the ear.

The rest is silence. I do not say more.

I’m still bored.