Longing for rapprochement

Two electrical wires have been working together for years; in harmony, fairness, persistence, and awareness of the importance of their work. They were wary of their longing for getting closer together: they often dreamed of only touching themselves, sometimes – when the longing was too big – they turned to swallows and sparrows with a request that they serve as a connector and by jumping from wire to wire they shared confessions and kisses. One evening an old crow from the area appeared. And the wires living in separation (separated from each other by fifty centimetres distance) got rid of him, told about their longing and desire. The wise crow explained that it is a special grace if you miss you so much; that they are together all the time and can tell each other everything; that their purpose is not a connection, because they are too similar; that when they close they lose all tension and wishes. But the wires didn’t believe him; they were only convinced of their point. Once he went through these areas of the storm: he snatched a wet branch, played with it a little, and finally threw it – just on our longing wires. A short circuit occurred; hiss, lightning – and then a long silence. The wires hung limply next to each other, without energy, without tension, without longing, with nothing to say to each other.

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