The internet has something against fat-shaming – with corgis

The internet has something against fat-shaming - with corgis

He is a good boy, not a fat boy!

It’s a tough world out there on the internet . Not just for people who are exposed to the critical opinions of the world community as soon as they put anything in, be it music, a thought, a comment or a selfie – the same goes for dogs as soon as their owners post a picture on Instagram, Reddit or Share Twitter.

But dogs have an advantage over humans: they usually have an owner who would defend them to the death. This is what happens on Instagram, where a proud owner of three corgis (these are those with stubby legs, the favorite animals of Queen Elizabeth) regularly releases pictures of her favorites Pax, Carter and Apollo. One of them, Pax, was with the dog hairdresser and was photographed after the work was done by the proud dog monkey.

On Instagram, a commentator dared to say that the dog is a bit, well, overweight.

Then it started! The owner did not let this insult sit on her and her corgis, and (verbally) took the knife out of her pocket: “Strictly speaking, you slut, the normal weight for a healthy, adult, male corgi is between 25 and 30 pounds and he weighs 26 Pound. So please get on the side of someone else and find something better to do than to attack such a great dog that looks better than you’ll ever do. Look at this bitch, she calls Pax ‘so overweight’. “

Other people jumped the dog owner aside and defended Pax. His coat was finally washed fresh, he had heavy bones and a light coat, which also visually a few pounds on it.

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We can learn two things from this:

You should never discuss the weight of a living being on the Internet. You always kick somebody on the tie.
We should develop a similarly strong protective instinct towards ourselves as the Corgi owner – we would be better off doing so.