A man really wanted to know God’s way, why the world looks like it looks. When he lay down under the tree and meditating on it, he asked God for an answer, an angel stood beside him and said:

     – Come with me and I will show you the ways of the Lord. Without hesitating, he followed the angel. They met two people on their way. One bad man handed the golden cup to the other good. The angel waited until they fell asleep, took the cup from the good one and carried it to the evil one. The man walking with the angel asked:

     – What are you doing after all the thieves? “Don’t ask questions, just come and see and you will know God’s ways,” answered the angel.

     So they went on to a poor man’s hut. When he left the house, an angel set fire to his house. An annoyed man walking with the angel indignant at him and began to extinguish the flame, but the angel did not let him:

     – How can you set this poor man’s house on fire. You should help people, not torment them, “shouted the man

     – You said you want to know God’s plan, do not interfere so just keep going!

     Moving on, they reached the stream and stopped in front of the footbridge. When the father approached with his son and entered the footbridge, the angel turned over the footbridge so that the father and son fell into the water. The current of water abducted the child and drowned. My father got out of the water and returned home sadly.

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     – Not too much anymore. I took it when you robbed a just man, set fire to the poor man’s house, but just because you killed an innocent child is too much. You are no angel but a demon – shouted a man tearing the hood off the angel’s head.

     – I am an angel sent to earth by God to fulfill His will on earth and explain to You His path – he replied

     – That’s not true, God is not like that. He certainly didn’t tell you to do what you do – the man shouted.

     – Well! I will tell you why I acted this way in every situation. Well, in the cup I took from a just man, there was poison. If I had left this cup, this man would have poisoned. An insidious man who wanted to poison the righteous will be punished for his actions. The poor man whom I set fire to the house will find a great treasure in the ruins that will allow him to live prosperously until the end of days. The man we met here at the stream was a bad man. I don’t want to know God and lead a very promiscuous life. After losing his little son, who will be in Heaven anyway, he will convert to God and change his life. They will both be in Heaven, If I had not done so both would have been condemned. Did these explanations help you understand God’s will?

     Listening to the angel’s story with interest, he understood that God sees everything differently and more perfectly than he does. He also understood that he had the best solution for everything, although outwardly it seems very painful.

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