… It was my first snow storm in my life. Although I’ve seen snow during rare visits to these mountains, I’ve never seen it rain before. It was raining like a long night. In the end we all fell asleep. I slept very hard because of the violent gusts of wind, which worried me a little.

     In the morning we realized the seriousness of our situation. The cottage was located above the area regularly cleaned by snow plows. On our isolated stretch of road, heavy snow covered all cars and the road with a white blanket, beautiful but icy.

     Even we novices knew that it was impossible to clear the road. The men dug the path to the cars and omitted them, but we were hopelessly far away, cut off from the road. We looked at each other fearfully. What if…? We had enough food for one more meal, but no more. The thought that we could be covered in snow terrified us.

     I was the only Christian in our group. That is why I began to silently pray for God’s protection and for him to send a plow to our camp. Given the seclusion, it would be amazing to fulfill my prayer request, but I didn’t stop until I felt the peace that only God can give.

     Others were more and more worried and looked nervously at the clouded sky and the impassable road. The snow was still falling evenly and quietly. We cleaned and packed things for snow-covered cars, which we hoped to slide down. Some time later we heard a wonderful sound that merrily broke through the silence of the falling snow. A heavy plow rolled, panting, up our hill. The driver told us:

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     “I’ve never climbed that high before, but I still heard something in my head say,” Go to the top today. ” And here I am

     The word “angel” means “trailer sent to fulfill God’s will”. I have never seen an angel, but I felt that the driver who came to us at God’s command is our personal snow angel. He is the Heavenly Father who sees everything and responds to all needs with patience and great care. When the leaders of our camp were packing kitchen items, one of them asked me:

     – I wonder what made the driver go so far? I just smiled and said:

     – I prayed for that.