good politician

During a reception, a young man of good family is introduced to the sub-prefect of his constituency.

In spite of his notorious shyness, he addressed himself to the Sub-Prefect and asked him:
“Excuse me, Mr. Sub-Prefect, would you allow me to ask you a question?”

The Sub-Prefect surveys him and replies,
“Naturally, young man, I am listening to you”

The young man:
“That’s it. I would like to pursue a career in politics. Would you have some advice to give me?

The Sub-Prefect:
“Young man, first answer a few of my questions and, in turn, I would advise you. Who pays you for your studies? Who pays you for your student housing and who supports your diet?

I young man:
“Studies are regulated by my parents. As for housing and my food, it’s my maternal grandmother who takes care of it. “

The sub-prefect:
“Good, young man. But tell me, do you have a personal car and who provided it to you? And pocket money for your leisure, where does it come from?

The young man:
“Yes, Mr. Sous-prefect, it is my older brother, director of a German luxury car dealership who has offered me one and in fact ensures the maintenance by the workshop adjoining his concession. For my hobbies, it’s my godfather, dad’s brother, who sends me a fairly strong mandate every beginning of the month.

The Sub-Prefect:
“So, young man, do not worry. Since you only live with the money of others, you are already well anchored in a promising political career “…

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