Family dinners

A family is having lunch.

The little girl of 10 years does not eat much, and she keeps the nose on her plate … After a moment, she said:

  • I have something to announce you.

The silence is made and all listen attentively.

  • I’m no longer a virgin, and she starts to cry.

Again a long silence … and then … the father speaks to his wife:

  • It’s your fault, always dressed super sexy and too makeup, you think you’re an example for your daughter? Always wallowing on the couch … It’s lamentable, that’s how problems come!

In turn, the woman addresses her husband:

  • And you, you think that you are an example? to waste your pay with sluts who come sometimes to accompany you to the front of the house. Do you think you are an example for your 10 year old daughter?

And the father continues:

  • And her big sister, this good for nothing, with his boyfriend hairy and drugged, always trying to fiddle in every corner of the house, you think it’s an example?

And it goes on like this …

The grandmother takes her little girl by the shoulders to console her and asks:

  • So my little girl, how did it happen?

And the little one to answer, stifling her sobs:

  • It’s the priest …


  • How’s the priest?
  • The priest chose another girl to make the virgin in the manger …
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