A week before Christmas

A week before Christmas

We are a week before Christmas and Santa prepares feverishly for the distribution of gifts while Santa Claus keeps harassing him for a week in the south. Unable anymore, Santa Claus hands him a plane ticket and said:

  • Listen, I do not have time to go to the south. Here is a plane ticket and go without me.

Santa Claus embarks therefore alone for the south. Arriving in Martinique, she falls on a beautiful big black well muscled who proposes to serve as an escort. In the evening, the handsome black Adonis offers to take her back to her room and what was to happen happened. By undressing, Mother Christmas notes that the adonis is also a beautiful stallion who displays his 20 centimeters well counted. She spends the whole week with him.

As she returns to the North Pole, she asks him:

  • We spent the week together but I do not even know your name.
  • You’ll laugh, especially you, Mother Christmas, because although I’m black like ebony, they call me “Snow”.

The Santa Claus then takes the plane and goes home while Santa prepares to make his big tour. He asks him then:

  • So, these holidays in the sun, how did it go?
  • Oh, do not talk to me about it. You did well not to come because we had 20 centimeters of Snow every night.
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