The charm of 50 years

If you are close to 50, you are at the Golden Jubilee of your birth and you have reached the “Age of Metals”, since the man gets his hair color Silver, use gold teeth and that is like lead!

It is the time when everything begins to wrinkle and increase (men’s belly grows, baldness increases and balls grow only!). At 50, what does not grow falls!

Do not swallow the story that you are at your best age. That was at 30 and at the beginning of the 40, when repeating everything was a source of pride and boasting. But at 50, “repeat” is a forbidden word.

Let’s see: Repeat marriage? With whom, what and when? Repeat sancocho? Safe diarrhea! Repeating beans? And the gases what? Repeat the sexual act? It will be in a week or two! To be a father again? Do not be idle! Back to jogging? Safe infarction! Go back to swimming? It will be to float! To drink again as before? Stop balls to cirrhosis!
After 50 everything is serious: bed, death. A cold: bronchitis. A cold: pneumonia. A blow: bruise. A crackling: split tooth. Headache: effusion Pain in the hands: arthritis. A silly forgetfulness: Alzheimer’s. A chill: Parkinson’s. A sneeze: tuberculosis. An intestinal occlusion: colon cancer. Thirst: diabetes. One kilo more: scoliosis. One kilo less: leukemia. A stain: AIDS. A urination at midnight: prostate.

At 50 everything is more dangerous:
Blow nose strong: nosebleed. Blurred vision: cataracts. Wax in the ears: otitis. Insomnia: depressive attack. A hair on the comb: baldness. Neck pain: osteoporosis.

It is not to mortify it, but it is better that you be aware of what awaits you, so that you can organize your will and choose a good place in your favorite cemetery. Sure, it may reach 80, but I do not recommend trusting too much; and in any case, it will never be the same! Please, you can put your properties in my name and / or send your donations and money to the following account: 6969-6969-70. Thank you!

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