Specialization courses for men

  1. How to combat narrow-mindedness
  2. Why it’s not bad to give flowers
  3. You can also be a co-pilot (and be quiet, flat)
  4. You can also iron
  5. Preserve the beauty of your feet: cut your nails
  6. How to fill the ice bucket, step by step (with slides)
  7. Advantages of hiring a technician to fix the appliances: you and electricity
  8. Be parents today: a task that does not end after of coitus
  9. Survival I: how to fry an egg
  10. Survival II: how to clean the bathroom
  11. Assume one’s incompetence is possible
  12. You: the weaker sex
  13. Reasons to put a new roll of toilet paper in the bathroom when the one that had been finished (with slides and examples)
  14. Techniques to stay awake after intercourse
  15. Techniques to relax and sleep even when you feel like it. ..
  16. How to lower the lid of the toilet, step by step
  17. The remote control of the TV: how to fight dependence
  18. Tips and tricks so that you do not try to look younger than your children
  19. An achievable goal: to reduce alcohol intake
  20. Why it is not necessary to shake the sheets after a flatulence
  21. Real men also ask passers-by when they get lost
  22. Your clothes (I): how to fold it. Use of the hanger
  23. Your clothes (II): how it is kept in the closet
  24. Your clothes (III): use of the laundry basket
  25. The washing machine: that great unknown
  26. The chair and its equivocal function as a hanger of some underpants used
  27. Is it possible to urinate inside the toilet? (group practices)
  28. Exercising the arms: the emptying of ashtrays
  29. Locomotor development: turning a soapy sponge into a dirty pot
  30. The hairy bathtub (or what to do after showering)
  31. Nighttime discomfort and insomnia or why it is not convenient to eat cookies in bed
  32. How to talk with your partner without raising your voice
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Capacity limited to 10 students per class, given the difficulty of the subjects taught