Specialization courses for women

  1. Accept your destiny: you have been born a woman
  2. How to overcome the dependence of your friends (with graphics)
  3. Systematic analysis of the habit of peeing together
  4. Learn to organize your bag (with practical exercises )
  5. What happens when riding in the car? Basic parking techniques
  6. New methods of self-esteem: the Wonderbra (with panoramic slides)
  7. Why burden your husband? Child traumas and their consequences
  8. Disadvantages of heels: you will never be at the height of a man
  9. The toolbox: that great unknown
  10. Survival I: Where is the spare wheel?
  11. Survival II: How to change the wheel? (certificate required to have approved the first part)
  12. Advanced survival: check the car oil (medical insurance is required to enroll)
  13. The reason for the husband’s drowsiness after intercourse
  14. What happens to your breasts ?: You and the gravity (practical analysis)
  15. You and the epilator, irreconcilable enemies
  16. Makeup or feminine metamorphosis (with photographs)
  17. Why does your mustache grow? The masculine side of every woman
  18. The telephone. When to say enough
  19. Know your natural habitat (the kitchen)
  20. Do not force your husband to lie: Avoid asking (how do I fit? Am I pretty? …)
  21. Why not fake orgasm? He does not care
  22. Learn to be honest: you also throw farts (group therapy and practices)
  23. Showcases: how to pass by?
  24. You and obesity: Chocolate fattening
  25. One day of shopping (I): the credit card and its limit
  26. One day of shopping (II): Why try it all? Learn to be selective
  27. One day of shopping (III): Distribution of the load (you can also carry weight)
  28. Accept yourself. The mirror does not lie: you are like that (Screening of the film: “Night of the undead”)
  29. File X: Your mother
  30. Urban geography: The M-30 is not a radio station
  31. Social education ( I): Not all the neighbors are a harlots
  32. Social education (II): Integration in the family
  33. Social education (III): It is not necessary to tell everything to your mother.
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Dates pending approval given the great difficulty of the courses. At 15,000 first students will be presented with a Vitor Baia pin (you’re welcome)