Great Fun Questions

Why SEPARATE is written all together and ALL TOGETHER written separately? 

Why “abbreviation” is such a long word? 

Why did the kamikaces wear helmets? 

Why does Bill Clinton have such bad taste with women? 

What is the idea of ​​sterilizing the needle to put a death row in a lethal injection? 

What verb tense is “should not have happened”? Imperfect condom? 
The rectum … is incorruptible? 

If there is more … there is less here? 

If the pool is deep, the sea is Toyota? 

Why are things always in the last place where they are sought? 

What does NBA mean? … Pretty tall Negroes?

Why do viruses, which do not have sex, fuck us so much? 

How can the blind know if they have finished cleaning themselves when they go to the bathroom? 

In France, if someone wants French toast … order French toast or just ask for toast? 

Why in this world up to the zeros, to be something, they must be on the right? 
Who do the guards ask when they get lost? 

What is another word for synonym? 

Why is there no cat food with a mouse flavor? 

Why do they lock the bathrooms at the gas stations … are they afraid that people will clean them? 

If nothing sticks to Teflon, how did they stick it to the pan? 

If a policeman arrests a mime … should he tell you he has the right to remain silent?

If vegetarians eat vegetables, what do humanitarian people eat? 

Why the dancers always walk on tiptoe? Would not it be easier to hire taller dancers? 

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What color is a chameleon looking in a mirror? 

I want to buy a new boomerang, how do I get rid of the old one? 

Why establishments open 24 hours have locks? 

Why do not they make the planes with the same material as the black boxes of the planes? 

If horses suffer from African horse sickness and pigs swine, why does man suffer from pathological diseases? 

If a word is misspelled in the dictionary, how would we know? 

Where can I buy condensed water? 

Adam would have a navel?

How can Donald Duck have nephews if he does not have siblings? 

When a woman is pregnant … she is also in compac? 

When a player leaves the band … the goalkeeper goes for the mariachis? 

Should I cut my veins or leave them long? 

Why in the American movies does nobody lock the car? 

Can I store my computer mouse in my car’s suitcase with my car’s jack?