The preacher and the painters

The preacher and the painters

A preacher noticed that his church was beginning to look somewhat dingy and could use a new coat of paint.  He asked for bids from several local outfits and selected a two-man firm which had given him the best price.

On the appointed day, the crew arrived.  Setting up their scaffolding, they proceeded to put a good coat of paint on the front of the church.  After they were done, they put the scaffolding on the right side and checked their supplies.  Looking at the amount of wall left to cover versus their remaining paint, they added a bunch of paint thinner to the latter.

Finishing up on the right side, they moved to the left.  Once again they checked the amount of wall versus paint, and added a bunch more thinner to it.

Finally they moved to the back of the building.  By this time they were down to very little paint, with a lot of wall still left to cover.  They added thinner until they had enough liquid volume to stretch over the square footage and went to town.

The preacher arrived near the end of the job.  He examined at the front of the church and nodded approvingly at how good it looked.  He then moved to the right side and raised an eyebrow at how much less good it looked than the front.  At the left side he stopped and shook his head before moving around to the back.  He arrived just as the painters were taking down the last of their scaffolding.  The preacher pointed an accusing finger at the pair, and intoned,

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