A person in a lab coat places a glass

A person in a lab coat places a glass half-filled with a yellow liquid in front of 4 people.

Immediately, the first person pipes up, “Ah, I see the glass is half full!” This person is an optimist.

The second person states, “Naw man, why would he bring us a half-full glass? He obviously drank some. It’s now half empty.” This person is a pessimist.

The third person scoffs, “Why must you two argue? It’s just a glass with liquid in it.” This person is a realist.

While the three of them bicker, the forth person grabs the glass and downs the liquid. With a wipe of their sleeve, they exclaim, “I got thirsty listening to you guys, so I drank the liquid in the cup!” This person is an opportunist.

The person in the lab coat lets out an audible gag, before running to a nearby toilet and losing his lunch.

This person is a Urologist.

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