Mandy’s adventure

The sea rushed as Mandy opened his eyes. she thought to herself. She stood up carefully and stretched her wings and legs. Slowly she hopped to the edge of the nest, too excited to run. She looked back at her brother who was still asleep. , And already Mandy hopped out of the nest.

The nest had been built by her parents on a small hill surrounded by dry grass. From the ground you could not see it. Mandy ran and hopped excitedly through the grass always in the direction of the rushing sea. And then suddenly the grass stopped. She was standing on the beach. The light wind played with their feathers. It was a nice feeling. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the tingle of the wind. she spread her wings, opened her eyes and started walking. Hitting her wings, she ran as fast as she could. And suddenly she picked it up.

Mandy could hardly believe that she was finally in the air. It was exhausting, admittedly, but still the best she could imagine. She flew higher and higher in the direction of the sea. In the distance she could see some other birds and flew towards them. The wind became stronger and the flying more exhausting. She hit with all the strength she had with her wings. But the wind pushed her slowly down and the power in her wings became less. the wind forced Mandy to turn around but that was not so easy. After all, she had only just flown out. Mom said. Mandy started to grin. But no sooner had she followed her mother’s advice, Mandy got into a spin and crashed.

Panic with fear, she tried to regain her balance but without success. Again and again she tried to turn and slow down the fall. But the water came closer and closer. Just before she hit the water, she remembered what her father had said. She would dive anyway, Mandy knew. But this method would probably not hurt. And since she shot head first into the water, she had little choice but to test that theory. As soon as she opened her wings, Mandy plunged into the water with her eyes closed.

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As her father had said, she shot like an arrow through the water. It was cold and oppressive. When Mandy opened her eyes, it was still dark. And so she knew that she had dived very deep. She looked up and saw the water surface shimmering bluish green. She let her wings down and paddled her feet as fast as she could. To her surprise, she made rapid progress and was airborne after a few seconds. At the top, she saw nothing but water around her. The panic that was still in their bones became stronger. She had completely lost her orientation. Without success Mandy tried to calm down. Her whole body ached from the effort to fly. But she had to blow up again to land.

Mandy checked her feathers and put a few back in the right place. , With a lot of effort she fluttered off. The water seemed to hold her tight. But Mandy was determined and kicked her feet. She was getting faster and faster but her feet just did not want to get out of the water. And finally, fighting for the sensed minutes against the water, she slowly took off. When she was a few feet above the water Mandy realized that she had to practice flying curves. , She flew a little higher and to her relief she was just heading for the beach. When the beach was nearby, she tried again to turn around and promptly landed back in the water, she thought depressed. , She would not be able to start from the water again and so she started paddling.

Completely exhausted and depressed, she arrived at the beach. , Trembling with exhaustion, Mandy walked along the beach without looking back. Just straight ahead. But suddenly she noticed something. The sand in front of her nest was very fine and soft. But Mandy was now walking on rough gravel. Mandy was ashore, but she was lost in excitement. Done with the world, her legs left the power. Crying, she lay on the ground, unable to move. After a few minutes of desperation, Mandy fell asleep from exhaustion.

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