Day: May 18, 2019

Mandy’s adventure

The sea rushed as Mandy opened his eyes. she thought to herself. She stood up carefully and stretched her wings and legs. Slowly she hopped to the edge of the nest, too excited to run. She looked back at her brother who was still asleep. , And already Mandy hopped out of the nest. The nest […]

Thick raindrops

As Sophie looks through the windowpane in her nursery school, she sees heavy raindrops falling to the floor. Plitsch, splash, splish, splash. The Kita garden is already very wet. The swing, the seesaw, the small wooden house, everything is wet. Also in the Buddelkasten have already formed deep puddles. She wanted to go to the […]

The wrong girlfriend

Now I have had contact with a special boy for almost 2 months. We both really liked each other and we kept writing. Then one day I went to the chat group of my girls and me. They wrote each other that they have created a fake account on Insta and sent password […]

Pop star and other hard hats

“Pam, are you ready? In 2 minutes it starts. “Nick looks at me. I can feel that he is quite excited. You might think that he has to go on stage himself, he shivers. Nick is my manager, more precisely the world’s best manager and like a brother to me. He was the person who […]