The wrong girlfriend

Now I have had contact with a special boy for almost 2 months. We both really liked each other and we kept writing. Then one day I went to the chat group of my girls and me. They wrote each other that they have created a fake account on Insta and sent password and username, I ask them if I could also “borrow” the account. They agreed and I wrote to my boy by posing as another girl. I found it so exciting because I found things about both of us that he would never have told me privately. It felt good but also sneaky. But so I knew what he was thinking about me, eg in our dispute.
But I also found out things that I did not want to know and through which I got less feelings for him. My friend did not do it better, she told me that he would not suit me. I was hurt, especially because he could trust this fake girlfriend more than me. 
He wrote her back more often and much earlier than me.

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