The monkey and the turtle

There was once a monkey and a turtle that got along great and were very good friends. They formed a peculiar couple that attracted attention wherever they went, but belonging to different species had never been a problem for them. Their friendship was sincere and based on mutual respect. Well, at least that seemed …

One day they were walking and talking about their things when they found two banana trees lying on the ground. The little turtle, very surprised, exclaimed:

  • Oh, my friend, what a shame it is to see those banana trees! I have the impression that the wind has knocked them down. Would not it be great to plant them again? Surely they would grow strong again and we would have bananas to eat at any time.

The monkey leapt for joy and began to applaud. There was no more fanatical bananas on this planet than he!

  • I love your idea! Come on, let’s get down to work!

With much effort the two animals lifted the heavy plants and covered their roots with moist earth so that they were well secured. When they finished the task they melted into a big hug, proud of the fantastic work they had just done.

Time proved them right and the banana trees began to give bananas in abundance. One afternoon, the hustler monkey detected that they were yellowish, at the right point of maturity, and without explaining climbed the plant and began to eat one after another as if there was no tomorrow. The turtle wanted to do the same, but since he could not climb, he had to stay down watching his colleague stuff himself.

After a while, surprised that he did not deign to take any for her, she began to show concern.

  • Hey, buddy, they must be great because you’ve eaten more than twenty!
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From the top, with both cheeks swollen, the monkey replied:

  • They’re delicious! The pulp is very sweet and melts in the mouth like butter.
  • Oh, my mouth is watering! … I’m eager to try them, but you know I’m a turtle and turtles do not have the gift of climbing. I need your help, mate! Would you be so kind to take one for me?
  • Quiet, dear friend, there is a lot. In a few minutes I bring you down a few dozen.

The tortoise smiled and said:

  • It’s okay! Eat quiet, I’m not in a hurry.

He spent an hour until finally saw the monkey come down … empty-handed!

  • But … where are my bananas?

The ape, inflated like a balloon with so much gobble, answered with astonishing impudence:

  • Sorry, friend, in the end I’ve eaten them all. Right now I must have potassium through the clouds, but they were so rich that I could not contain myself.
  • How do you say? … You’re a cheek and a bully! Half of the bananas were mine!
  • Already, but understand that I am excited and that as the saying goes “eating and scratching everything is to start”.

Faced with such injustice, the turtle was forced to make a decisive decision.

  • Our friendship ends here and now! I do not want to see you again, so the best thing is for one of you to pack your bags and leave forever.

The monkey, looking over his shoulder, responded with superior airs:

  • Well, you know what I’m telling you ?! I think it’s a good idea because I’m getting very sick of you. You’re already taking time to go somewhere else! … Get out of here!
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The turtle clenched its jaws and gave a grunt that showed real anger.

  • Grrr! That’s not funny! I challenge you to a race along the shore to the end of the river. Whoever gets the victory will stay with the two banana trees, and whoever loses will go to live in another forest.

As you can imagine, the monkey laughed and responded in a mocking tone.

  • Hahaha! You’re kidding?! You, one of the slowest animals on the planet, want us to play everything in a race? Oh, I get rid of laughter! Hahaha!
  • If you are so sure of your superiority, I do not know what you are waiting for to accept my challenge. Let’s get this over with!

An eagle, a buffalo and a small rodent acted as witnesses to the event to record the result in the minutes. They were also the ones who set the starting point and the finish line. When everything was in order, the buffalo shouted with his powerful voice:

  • Three … two … one … now!

In the blink of an eye the monkey managed to take a tremendous advantage to the turtle because the poor woman, loaded with her heavy shell and taking short steps, moved very slowly, almost to the rhythm of a snail. Knowing clear winner, halfway stopped braking.

  • Oh, boredom! I have so much time left that I’m going to rest a bit before resuming the race.

It was going to be a little while, but his plan failed because he had eaten so many bananas that he fell into a deep sleep. As soon as he sat down he began to yawn, and seconds later he was snoring like a bear.

Two hours was sleeping soundly, and more would have been if it were not because a very heavy mosquito woke him up just as the turtle passed by his side. The monkey, indignant, jumped up and grabbed her by the scruff of the neck, told him:

  • Hey you! Where do you think you are going? You were thinking of getting ahead, taking advantage of the fact that I was taking a nap, right? … Hala, to take a fresh wind!
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In a fit of madness, the foolish animal gave a cruel kick to the turtle and threw it into the river.

Do you want to know how this story ends? … Do not worry, it has a happy ending thanks to the fact that the turtle had the great luck of meeting the current in favor, in the direction of the goal. As much as the monkey ran like a madman by the shore, it was impossible for her to get there before she, who only had to turn on her back and let herself be dragged to proclaim herself the winner with all the honors.

The monkey felt a horrible sensation when he realized that because of his selfishness and bad behavior he had lost his best friend, but it was too late: before nightfall, he left the forest in search of another place to live. The turtle, on the other hand, returned to her home and became the sole owner and mistress of the two banana trees.