Animal transport on the bus

Little Doofi: Big-smarthead, you know so much. Which animals are allowed on the bus?

Gross-Schlaukopf: That depends on the bus company, Little Doofi. In general, you can bring pets, unless they bother or endanger passengers – the latter is especially true for dogs. Cats, birds and small animals must be carried in containers.

KD: People who want to bring an animal while traveling by bus are crazy.

GS: Ugh, Little Doofi, how can you say that? Blind people depend on their guide dog! And the others, too, usually have a good reason for transporting animals. Why should a dog owner who lives in a suburb not even want to drive with his four-legged friend into the city center? Or vice versa: Why should not a downtown dweller even want to walk in the company of his dog through the forest? And those who transport their rabbit in a cage probably need to go with him to the vet. No, little Doofi, these are all normal people.

KD: Some maybe, but most are crazy. Should I read to you, Gross-Schlaukopf, what is in the brochure of Miederwaren-Müller? “Bus animal for tea rodents”!

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