Day: July 13, 2019

Animal transport on the bus

Little Doofi: Big-smarthead, you know so much. Which animals are allowed on the bus? Gross-Schlaukopf: That depends on the bus company, Little Doofi. In general, you can bring pets, unless they bother or endanger passengers – the latter is especially true for dogs. Cats, birds and small animals must be […]

flower women

“The tulips in the vase have unfortunately withered,” said the philologist’s wife to her husband. “I’ll go down to the flower woman and buy something new.” “To the flower woman?” At the sound of his voice, she realized that once again a word in him had evoked associations. Of course […]


We all live in one system. A system in which we are controlled by our environment. Every day we go to work or to school. We have to earn enough money to feed ourselves and our families. Yes and we are not asked if we want to live and then […]

Art supplies

Willi was worried about his shop. For thirty years he led the small shop for art supplies. It contained everything that made artist’s and especially painter’s hearts beat faster: paints, brushes, easels, crayons, blocks of paint … Nevertheless, fewer and fewer customers came. “You have to keep up with the […]

Felix and his grandfather

Tuesday was always Opatag for Felix. After school, the twelve-year-old did not go home as usual, but took the tram to the other end of town to spend the afternoon with his grandfather. For the pensioner, widowed for three years, the visits of his only grandson were always a pleasure, […]


David had a tick. It almost caused him bodily pain when his fellow human beings made grammatical mistakes, and most of all he suffered from omitting the ‘n’ in the dative plural. Therefore, the student in his environment was called only Dative-David. In many restaurants in the city he already had a […]

What does hell mean

“What does hell mean?” “Stupid question! The opposite of dark, of course. “ “But if you read the word somewhere, without context – how do you know that it is the German word and not the English? That means hell! “ “Well, you can not know that without context. But […]