Guardian Angel Paul’s first mission

Guardian angels can not be everyone. Many do not want it either. When people have become angels after a long and tedious life on earth (not everyone will be), they usually only want to enjoy the heavenly peace. It is different with angels who were torn early from their earthly life. They are often still full of energy, and there the protection of the guardian track appears many attractive. First, the candidates are tested. Gladly you take angels who had already had a similar profession as a human, eg policeman or bodyguard. The successful candidates are then trained.

At this point one more information about angels. As you know, they are sexless. But for practical reasons, every angel keeps the first name he wore as a human. And since German, in contrast to Swedish, for example, does not yet have a gender-neutral personal pronoun, Engel Peter is just a “he” and Engel Petra is a “she”.

But now to the Paul mentioned in the title. At eight years old he had died fatally and then became an angel. In earthly life, his career aspirations had been firefighter. Now he wanted to be active as a guardian angel, but the instructors were initially skeptical. He had no experience as a human. But Paul convinced her with his skills and dedication, and eventually he was actually sent as a guardian angel to his first mission.

Guardian angels accompany their protégé from the moment of conception. The Schutzengelzentrale sends young, inexperienced angels basically to protégés, where not in advance problems are to be expected. Even Paul’s protégé, who was named Maximilian at birth, had parents who looked forward to their first child and could offer him a loving home.

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When Maxi was three months old, the first test came for Paul. Maxi’s mother Lisa had something to do in the basement and had to leave the baby alone in his cot. Since it was nice weather, she left the window open. Paul knew what she was thinking: “We live on the third floor, nobody can enter in broad daylight. And Maxi can not get out yet. “

“Bertha,” Paul asked his colleague, Lisa’s guardian angel, “is that true? Can nothing really happen? “

“Probably not, but rather pay attention,” she answered somewhat indecisively and then had to accompany her protégé down to the basement.

Only a few minutes later it happened. A magpie flew straight into the room. Horrified, Paul saw that it was an aggressive bird. With his beak he could Maxi …

“Magpie, get out!” He shouted. But the magpie shot cursing at the bed with the sleeping Maxi. Paul threw himself in her path. As a spirit, the beak did not bother him. The magpie felt an invisible resistance that she could not penetrate. Cursing, she turned back. Before she flew outside again, Paul ripped her a few feathers that landed on the carpet.

Lisa, accompanied by guardian angel Bertha, came back. Before she knew anything, Paul had already briefed his colleague. “The feathers I pulled out of the magpie, so Lisa sees that she was in here, and in the future closes the window.”

Bertha was impressed, but before she could put that into words, Lisa had discovered the feathers. “What’s that?”, She murmured and then cried out: “Magpie feathers! A magpie was here! “She ran to Maxi’s cot. “Did she do something to you?” Out of concern, she examined the kid for injuries. But she found none, and Maxi, who was now awake, chuckled happily.

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“What a guardian angel you must have had! Never again will I leave you alone with the window open. I did not suspect that magpies can fly in here. It’s just good that the feathers were lying on the ground, otherwise I would never have known. “

The Guardian Central, notified by Bertha, praised Paul’s highest praise and offered to entrust him with a king’s child on his next assignment. But he did not want to know about that. ” Every protegee is right for me . Incidentally, I hope that Maximilian will be one hundred years old, and whether there are royal houses in the 22nd century, one does not know! “