I woke up in a dark room. It’s 20:43.
Something is strange here. This bed does not feel like my bed.
Did I drink too much yesterday? Am I maybe in bed with someone else? Where am I?
At the door I hear footsteps. I get up and go to the door to see where I am. When I want to open the door, I notice that it is closed. What’s going on here?
I’m looking for a light switch, but strangely I find none. After a while, my eyes got more used to the darkness and what I saw then made me feel queasy. This room is definitely not mine. It’s just a bed in this room and has no windows at all.
What am I doing here?
And why the hell is the door locked?
I hear footsteps again. They come to the door. Out of fear I hide under the bed I woke up with.
The door opens and softly asks if anyone is in this room. She sounds nice, but scared. I’m coming out of my hiding place. It’s a young woman called Jessica. She asks me if everything is alright. I asked her where we are and why the door was locked.
Jessica says trembles that we have to get out of here. That she thought she was the only one and that she herself does not know exactly where we are here. We sit down together on the bed and I ask you how sis it comes that we have to get out of here. After she told me everything, a cold shiver ran down my spine. She saw several masked and black-dressed men. They took a woman into the room at the end of the corridor and from then on they could only hear screams. What exactly happened to her, she does not know.
Again we hear footsteps. I look out of the keyhole and there I see her. Two masked men. They are coming straight to this room. Jessica and I are hiding under the bed.
As the door opens, we cling to our hands and try not to say aloud.
A man asked where Mrs. Smith “to be. I think they mean … but how do you know me? And what do you want from me?
The two men are approaching the bed. I’m so scared!
One of them bent down. He looked me straight in the eye and out of fear Jessica screamed.
The man grabbed my arm and dragged me out. He says I can not escape. I should not try it at first.
I defend myself, but unfortunately without success.
He dragged me behind him and I see that we run to the room at the end of the corridor.
The door opens. What I see then is just disturbing …..

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