Angry Boss In The Office

angry boss in the office

Angry Boss In The Office 

A new boss, known for his crackdown, gets into a business. He demands more than 100 percent of his staff and is known to brutally dismiss anyone who does not live up to his work ethic.

When the new supervisor is led through the offices on the first day, he sees a man leaning casually against a door frame.

To prove his hardness to all other employees, he approaches the man and asks him in the strict tone: “What is your weekly salary?” Astonished, the man answers: “400 euros a week, why?” The boss pulls out his wallet , gives him 800 euros and yells at him:

“Here is their salary for the next two weeks and now you can see that they are leaving and never again! “

The boss is proud of his relentless intervention and is pleased to have shown employees that laziness is severely punished. He asks the staff, “What did this lazy sack do here?

” With a big grin on his face, one of the employees says, “He delivered the pizza.”

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