A Young Woman In a Bus

A Young Woman In a Bus

A young pretty woman wants to get on a bus, but with her tight leather mini skirt, she does not manage to bend her leg high enough to put her foot on the first step.

Although she is very uncomfortable, but she opens the zipper of her mini skirt a bit to have more freedom of movement.

Unfortunately, she does not manage to get on the bus afterwards. That ‘s why she reaches backwards to open the zipper a bit further. Also, that does not bring the expected success, she tries again, until suddenly, the man who stands behind her, grabs her and into the Bus lifts.

Outraged, the woman turns to the broad-grinning man and turns to him: “What comes to mind, just touch me. I do not even know who you are.

“The man then answers: “Under normal circumstances, I would agree with you. However, after you opened my trousers three times, I thought that was legitimate. “

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