A Mother Is Being Invited At A Dinner

A Mother Is Being Invited At A Dinner

Alexander has invited his mother for dinner in his twin flat share. When his mother says goodbye to her, she tells him how cute she finds his roommate.

Alexander, who already suspects that his mother imagines that there is more between him and Sophie, immediately tries to refute any suspicion and says: “I know that you think that there is more than just a friendly relationship between Sophie and me but I assure you that there is not more between us. “

A week later Sophie and Alexander search in vain for their drip strainer in the kitchen. Sophie notes that this has not been there since the visit of Alexander’s mother.

Although Alexander can not imagine that his mother has something to do with it, but still writes her an e-mail: “Dear mother, I neither claim that you have taken our drip, nor that you have not taken it. However, the fact is that it has disappeared since your visit. In love, Alexander. ”

The same day Alexander receives the following answer from his mother:” My darling, neither am I claiming you are sleeping with Sophie nor that you are not sleeping with her. But if she had slept in her own bed, she would have found the drip strainer long ago. In love, mother. “

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