Once upon a time there was a pious man
who was as pious as only a pious person can be religious.
He lived on top of the Bergen Hohn
and could look down into the valley .

But once it was too warm for the pious man;
he is sweating on his hands, feet and under his arm.
He descended into the valley to the cool river,
because even a devotee has to take a bath.

He searched for a place fine.
He did not want to be seen by anyone.
And then he went into the cool tide;
he kept his hat on his head.

But suddenly it rustles violently in the bush.
All at once: shout, hush, husch!
He saw 3 girls coming,
they had much less on him.

The pious man became quite anxious;
He immediately grabbed his hat in fear,
holding him slightly above his knees so
that no one could see what was there and how.

The girls always looked for the hat.
The man was quite baffled in his mind.
He held his hands over his face in shame .
Lo and behold, the hat did not fall!

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