Day: May 21, 2019

The first sermon

A pastor had stage fright before his first sermon. He asked the pharmacist what he could do about it. He advises him to practice in front of the mirror and to drink a liquor to calm down whenever he gets the shaking. After the pastor had trembled 17 times, he […]

St. Anthony

Once upon a time there was a pious man who was as pious as only a pious person can be religious. He lived on top of the Bergen Hohn and could look down into the valley . But once it was too warm for the pious man; he is sweating […]

General working guidelines

Everything is clear with us, but nobody knows. We do not know what we want, but we are resolute. We are ready for anything, but useless Cooperative hectic replaces mental calm. Knowledge is power; Knowing nothing does not matter. Everyone can be used here and be it as a deterrent […]


In our farm, a baby was found and delivered to the office. The boss demanded immediate investigation and clarification as to whether this boulder was a product of the company and whether one or more employees were involved. After four weeks of examination, we are convinced that the infant can […]


To every law gescheh ‘ that’s the ABGB. So has the culprit in damages to restore the old state; Because this would still exist , if the Gescheh’ne not gescheh’n . A cyclist in a hurry Yesterday drives through the city. He does not respect the path’s exactly and drives […]