Request for a salary increase

Do not come to me with salary increase!

Have you no honor in the body?

Do you even know how little they work !!!!!

Apparently, you do not worry about it!

It’s time for you to become knowledgeable!

Therefore, after hours of calculations and analyzes, I have the following

crystallizes what I want to ventilate here:

As you know, the year has 365 days, of which you sleep about 8 hours a day, for a total of 122 days. This leaves only 243 days left, of which you have 7 hours a day free, which is 107 days. These 107 days subtracted from the 243 days give a remainder of 136 days. As you know, the year has 52 Sundays, during which you also have free time left over just 84 days. But on Saturday you do not work any more, so for the 84 days, another 52 days are left, leaving only 32 days left.

You do not want to miss your daily table time of 30 minutes, which equates to a total of 8 days a year, which you need to eat. Now we only have a remainder of 24 working days, of which we still have to deduct the 14 days holiday, equal to 10 working days remaining.

With the introduction of the 5-day week, the year still has 9 holidays. What is left now? If you deduct these 9 holidays from the remaining 10 working days – so?

Only one day left and that is May 1st and you have it free!

Since you want a salary increase !!!

But now out!

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