Entrance examination for Austrian gendarmerie officers

  1. Who won World War II and who finished second?
  2. What is a silver dollar made of?
  3. Explain Einstein’s Theory of Relativity or write your name in block letters!
  4. Spell: a) Dog b) Cat c) Potato
  5. When do the ten o’clock news begin?
  6. How many commandments were given to Moses?
  7. There were 6 kings named Georg. The last one was Georg the sixth. What were the other five called?
  8. Write down the numbers 1 – 10 (one point is deducted for each number out of order!)
  9. Who invented the Otto engine?
  10. What instrument did Philip play, the flutist?
  11. Do you understand Newton’s theory of gravitation? Answer yes or no!
  12. From which country is Berlin the capital? (Do not write more than one page!)
  13. Designate the mismatched personality:

a. Martin Luther

b. The pope

c. Jack the Ripper

d . Cardinal King

  1. A brick weighs 1 kilo and a half brick. How many kilos does a brick weigh?

a. 1.5 kg

b. 2 kg

c. 3 kg

  1. Vasco da Gama undertook three sea voyages. On one of them he died, on which?

a. on the first

b. on the second

c. on the third

  1. Who built the great pyramids?

a. the VOEST Alpine

b. the pharaohs

c. Lego

  1. Is the “egg of Columbus”

a. the egg of a certain breed of bird

b. a specially cooked breakfast egg

c. a body part of a great seafarer?

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