Have courage: a heartwarming friendship

It was Friday afternoon and Cleo was sitting in the living room with her parents. They were discussing that she should finally clean up her entire room, as it was rather devastated and one could hardly walk through it. Of course she did not see that. As a punishment she was not allowed to watch TV for two weeks.

That was enough for her. She got up, went to her room, slammed the door and threw herself crying on the bed. The television had been so important to her as she watched the animated series “my little pony” every day.

Since she was so frustrated, she wondered how she could forge a plan of revenge.

Her parents, in the next few hours anyway, would not look for her because they knew that would not help.

After such an hour, Cleo had an idea. She would run away. Where did she not know yet, but that did not matter. Main thing away.

She packed some things in her backpack and hid it under her desk, so her parents could not notice.

After she calmed down, she went to the kitchen for some food. Then she got ready for bed, went to bed and pretended to sleep. That evening she did not speak to her parents anymore.

Four hours had passed and Cleo was sure that her parents would sleep. So she crept quietly to the front door, put on jacket and shoes and left the house. Of course she had taken her door key with her.

She was walking towards the forest, because maybe she would meet some animals there. She has always had a love for animals, especially ponies.

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When she arrived in the forest, she suddenly heard a trot. She knew so well that she could make out in the corridor, whether it was a horse or a pony.

Cleo stopped and waited to see what would happen. The pony ran straight for her. She was silver-gray and had between her eyes a white circle that looked like the moon and so Cleo called the pony Luna.

Luna nudged Cleo with her nose on her hand, signaling that she trusted her. Cleo was pleased with this gesture.

Because she got riding lessons for several years, she could ride without a saddle. Of course, this was really handy in such a situation.

Luna did not look dangerous now or anything like that, so Cleo decided to sit on her back. That was definitely more convenient than just standing there all the time. She was also very good, because she made no move at all to get rid of.

Cleo thought it was nice that she got along so well with her. Luna somehow had a sense of whether Cleo wanted to trot or not. So they trotted deeper and deeper into the forest, but she was sure that Luna found her way back.

In the meantime, it was already getting light again. 
That night, Cleo did not sleep at all because she found it so exciting with Luna that she did not feel tired at all.

As she trotted, she told Luna what had happened and why she was out there at all. She listened attentively to her and gave a snort in answer.

At some point, they were both so exhausted that they had to take a break. Cleo sat down on a rock and Luna lay down next to her. Coincidentally, Cleo had taken two apples and two bananas. She gave an apple to Luna. She was very happy and ate him with pleasure. She ate the other apple herself. After the two had strengthened, they started on the way back.

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Cleo decided to accompany Luna to her home, so maybe she could visit her from time to time if her owners did not mind. The owners of Luna lived very close to Cleos home. That turned out during the conversation with them. The owners had not even wondered why their pony was not in the stable, as it was nothing new to do their rounds at night. Cleo talked for a while with Sanja and Lukas, the owners.

They agreed that Cleo could look after Luna twice a week and ride her out. Cleo was really happy about it and gave Luna a kiss on the cheek and stroked her mane. She neighed softly.

Meanwhile it was already midday and Cleo went home. She told her parents why she had run away and what she had experienced on her way. Of course, they were not enthusiastic about the information with the run away, but found the story with Luna all the more beautiful. That’s why her parents were not angry. They were happy that Cleo had found a new girlfriend and that it would now be easier for her to watch less television. The more time she could spend with her new friend in nature. This was definitely healthier and would certainly do her good