Conchita wanted an increase.

Conchita wanted an increase.

The Mistress of the house is very upset by this request and asks her: “And why do you want an increase, Conchita? ”
Conchita,” Well ma’am, for three reasons. The first is because I’m better than Madame. ”
Madame:” And who says that to you? ”
Conchita,” This is the gentleman who told me that, ”
Madam:” Really? “

Conchita: “The second is that I cook better than Madam”
Madam: “Sornettes! And who says you cook better than me? ”
Conchita:” It is Monsieur who says that I cook better than Madame ”
Madam:” Well then? “… And the third reason Conchita?

Conchita: “the third reason is that I make love better than Madame”
Madame (out of her): “And it is Monsieur who tells you that you make better love than me? ”
Conchita,” No, ma’am. It’s the gardener … ..! “

Madam: “Very well you have your increase”

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