About the jump from the bridge

     How many gathered on the bridge saw this little girl fall into the vortex of the river! But only one man jumped after her as he stood. He couldn’t swim, he wasn’t young anymore, he also had a wooden leg, but he jumped there, enraged at such indifference. The river was swollen, the girl’s red clothes appeared and disappeared. The man felt the water seep into his lungs, until suddenly his leg trapped him in the sand at the bottom, and the girl climbed into his piggyback, light as a cork. They were saved.

     In the evening, the sons of the man hugged him with admiration and saw that he was great and wonderful, because he really was.

     Other people told all this to their sons. The sons said nothing, but somewhere at the bottom of the heart was the question: “Why wasn’t you there, Dad?

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