Old woman on the beach

     A family of five had a nice day at the beach. The children bathed in the ocean and built sand castles when a small old woman suddenly appeared in the distance. Her gray hair was blowing in the wind, her clothes dirty and frayed. She mumbled something to herself, picking up some things lying on the beach and putting them in her bag.

     Parents called the children to each other and told them to stay away from this old woman. As she passed them, bending over here and there and picking up something, she smiled at her family. But her greeting was not returned.

     Many weeks later they learned that a small old woman decided to devote her whole life to collecting pieces of glass lying on the beach so that the children would not hurt their feet.* * *

     Sometimes one kiss is enough. One “I love you”, even just whispered. One shy “thank you”. One honest opinion. It’s so easy to make someone happy.

     Why then don’t we do it?

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