Day: September 7, 2019

Outside and inside

     Grandfather bent over his five-year-old grandson and kissed him good night. Immediately afterwards the child wiped his face. «” Why are you doing this, honey? “Asked her mother.      “When someone kisses you, you don’t need to wipe your kiss.”      «Mommy, the child explained, I am not wiping to remove him. I rub it […]

Old woman on the beach

     A family of five had a nice day at the beach. The children bathed in the ocean and built sand castles when a small old woman suddenly appeared in the distance. Her gray hair was blowing in the wind, her clothes dirty and frayed. She mumbled something to herself, picking up some things […]

Awaiting Forgiveness

     A Spanish tale tells of a father and son who have drifted apart after years of fierce conflict. The son finally ran away from home. Seeing that he was not there, his father went heartily in search of him. He searched for months – in vain. Finally, in a final act of desperation, he […]

About the visit

     A six-year-old girl visited one of her neighbors. This poor woman lost her daughter, also a six-year-old, as a result of an incurable disease. When the girl returned home, the embarrassed mother asked her:      – Why did you go to that lady?      “To comfort her,” the girl replied seriously.      “What did you […]