The sparkle of the night

Once upon a time there was a girl who loved the stars since it could think. Every night, when it was supposed to be sleeping, it sat in front of the window and watched the stars. Since it had no shutters, but only curtains, it worked without problems and their parents never got anything.

Each star looked different and they were never the same. Stella, that was the name of the girl, memorized the outline of the stars so she could paint them.

Since she loved the stars so much, she also had garments on which stars were printed.

For them they were magical, because they brought something wonderful with them. Happiness, joy and courage. That’s exactly what fascinated her about the stars.

But one day, it was a Monday morning and the sun was shining, she decided to start the journey to the stars. She had been on vacation and had long been wondering how she could do it, because her parents would not have allowed 100 percent to stay away all alone for a long time. After all, she was only five years old.

And so she went on the journey, because she always wanted to know how the stars would feel.

So that her parents would not worry, she took her cell phone, in which only the numbers of her parents and the police were stored, if anything. In addition, she had glued a note to her door on which she had painted a stick figure and many stars. Since her parents knew her, they would surely know what that meant.

Since she had no plan in which direction to go, she simply followed the sun’s rays. She would not go wrong.

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She ran and ran and at some point she came into a forest. She had never thought of the dangerous animals such as the fox. Hopefully the animals would be nice to her if she met some. No sooner had she thought that, she already saw one. A deer, but it seemed nice. At least it did not look bad.

She headed straight for her and asked her where she wanted to go. Stella answered that she wanted to go to the stars.

The deer thought for a moment and then said, “If you want, I can accompany you on your journey.” Stella nodded, because she was no longer so alone.

As Stella suspected, her parents were not worried because they had found the note and knew exactly what that meant. Of course, they hoped that nothing would happen to their daughter.

The deer and Stella kept running. The other animals they met were ready to accompany them.

With two horses, a cow, a llama and two rabbits were attached.

Stella was mighty proud that so many animals took part in her journey, because she never expected that.

By now they had been running for a very long time. Now they considered how they could make Stella touch the stars.

They had an idea, even if it was very unrealistic. There had to be a tree and a ladder.

So they kept running, hoping to find a tree and a ladder. After running a good deal, they arrived at the said tree and the ladder. The tree was really high and the ladder too. It looked like she was really sticking out in the sky.

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So that Stella did not fall off, she held the hare firmly. But she had to climb the ladder alone. It was good that she was being held by the hare, as she had never climbed a tree before.

When she had climbed up the tree, she paused for a moment and then turned to the ladder. Unfortunately, the ladder was not so stable that she had to be careful not to lose her balance.

Luckily she did it without crashing. She had almost reached her destination. But she did not need to reach for the stars, as they were already flying towards her. Now she was surrounded by many asterisks. Hach, that was nice. Of course she could touch her as well. They all felt different too. For example, one was smooth, like stone, and another was as soft as velvet. There was even one that smelt of strawberry, which she particularly liked. It was the only one with smell.

At home, her parents wondered when she would come home from her trip. After all, she was already gone a day.

After Stella spent a few minutes with the stars, she left to go home. But the star with a scent followed her and did not brush away from her side. He seemed to realize that she liked him very much.

The other stars did not care, because they were just happy that they could give Stella such great pleasure.

The animals accompanied Stella to where they had met. There they said goodbye, in which Stella squeezed each animal.

When she arrived home, of course, the joy was great. She told her parents what she had experienced and of course showed her her star. They immediately hung her over her bed so he could watch her

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