The daughter of the count and the maid (final)

Charlotte involuntarily backed away. It almost looked like she was afraid of the raven, and it was so weird that Ella had to laugh out loud. Carl also seemed to be amused.
“You’re not afraid of a little bird?” he turned to Charlotte.
“Small, the cattle are huge! And disgusting! Come on, let’s go!” She tugged at Carl on the sleeve of his white shirt, but he did not respond to it, but looked at Ella now.
The raven fluttered high in the air and flapped its wings. And Ella was astonished, as if she were hearing a voice that only she could hear, while Charlotte and Carl stood stock-still where they were, without moving or talking, frozen as it were. At a distance, the other guests of the party stood talking, some also dancing to the music, but no one looked over at her. It looked like nobody else would hear this strange scene in which the raven spoke to her.

“Ella!” Croaked the raven in a voice that seemed familiar to Ella. Had she heard this before?
“Do you remember me, I’m Griselda.” The raven flapped his wings excitedly.
“We were friends, remember?”
Ella nodded and a smile appeared on her face.
“Griselda, you can actually turn yourself into a raven.”
“You never believed me that.”
The raven glared with his eyes.
“Well, I believe it,” Ella replied with a smile.
“Are you in love with the boy?” The question came so suddenly that Ella flinched.
They can not talk at the moment, I put a stoppage spell over them, I’ll pick that up afterward, they will not know about it later, so your heart belongs to this boy? ”
“I think so,” said Ella softly.
“And why do you think he does not want you, because I know what you thought before, how do you think he would not want you just because you’re not rich and that’s why you prefer that other girl?”
Ella dropped her eyes.
“I just do not think I have a chance against Charlotte or could you put a love spell on Carl?”
“That’s not necessary.” The raven, aka Griselda, heard a bright laugh. “
“How do you know?”
“I flew after him and watched him for a few days, you can believe me, but you also have to believe in something else – in him, in you and in your love.”
“What should I do?” Ella looked down at herself and then tapped her hood. “Just look at my elevator so it’s hard for me to believe he loves me.”
“If that’s just it …” The raven mumbled something to himself, then a beaming light fell over Ella, and when it disappeared again, the hood and Ella’s old clothes were gone and she wore a beautiful dark blue ball gown with rocking skirt and matching high-heeled shoes. Her long dark hair fell silky and soft around her face and flowed down her back like a waterfall.

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“Oh Griselda, thank you, but … no, you can not, you remember what I told you about my father?”
“That he is employed by the count and that he must not offend the count? Yes, I know, do not worry, everything is settled.”
The raven rose into the air, flapping its wings vigorously again, nodded to Ella and then flew away. She looked after him wistfully. When she looked at her surroundings, Carl and Charlotte moved again.
“Wow, Ella, you look gorgeous!” Carl looked at her admiringly.
“Where is the dreadful bird?” Charlotte looked around. When she could no longer spot the raven and realized that Ella was now nicely dressed and Carl was looking at her with unconcealed admiration, her collar burst. You’re supposed to work here and not clean up like you’re invited! Come on, Carl, let’s go! I’ll let my parents know what this maid is going to do! ”
She wanted to grab Carl’s hand, but he shook it off and held out his hand to Ella. Ella remembered what Griselda had said, “Believe in yourself, in him and in your love,” and grabbed Carl’s hand without hesitation.
Charlotte’s pretty face flushed with anger. Well, you’ll both see what you’ve got! ” She stormed off. And at the same moment Ella’s father came towards them both from the other side. He held a letter in his hand and waved it back and forth excitedly.
“Ella, I was looking for you everywhere!”
“What happened?” Ella got a tremendous shock, though Charlotte had not been able to tell her parents in the short time. Was her father released for anything else, and was the letter terminated? But his happy face did not promise bad news.
“We inherited!” Ella’s father hugged his daughter and hugged her.
By the way, Dad, that’s Carl, Carl, this is my dad. ”
“Pleasant,” both said, shaking hands.
“What have we inherited, Daddy, and from whom?”
“Your mother had an aunt, she lived in England and did not have children, she decreed that her possessions fall to her mother’s family after her death, since she herself has no direct descendants, and she was very rich.”
“What did she die of?” Ella could not be happy because the legacy seemed to have a sad background.
“She was very old, Ella, and has fallen asleep peacefully,” the notary tells me in this letter, “and now come – and the young man, if he wants – we go home, that was my last day at work Count, I quit, and you never have to work for this house again. ”
Ella was speechless with joy. Slowly, she walked hand in hand with Carl behind her father and was infinitely happy.
“Thanks, Griselda,” she thought

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