The stone people

Once upon a time long ago, the earth was just a lava-bubbling planet covered with volcanic rock, with no forests, no lakes, no seas and no mountains. But one day someone unrecognized, tired of the desolate sight, decided to create the Stone People. Bored by the eternal melting and solidification of the lava rock, he gave you the task to make the earth worth living, to silence the lava and to break the old cycle, so that in the future life arise and verwese. 
So the Stone People set out to perform the assigned task, not knowing how, because they did not know what life was and what it was all about.
After some time, the span should not be here, an asteroid passed the earth and the stone people inquired, so to speak, from rock to rock. It turned out that the extraterrestrial visitor, knows planets on which, from the one longed for cycle, run. The earth does not lack much, four elements are needed and to create them, the stone people would only have to use the old cycle. With time, pressure and temperature, they set out and created the air, the water, the earth and tamed the fire, only life was still to come.
Again time passed and another asteroid looked over. He stopped briefly to express his complaints. It is constantly scratching him and something is growing and crawling permanently on him and he would like to be calm, but he does not know how. The Stone People, pleased with his complaint, suggested that he throw his suffering on the earth. The offer thankfully accepted the asteroid and happily continued. 
Immediately the stone people began to distribute the growing and crawling, according to the described model, the first asteroid, on the earth. The result was unfortunately not in the sense of the stone people.
The one who was pleasantly surprised and in good conversation, but he also recognized the short-neckedness of the creation. The problem was that what was barking was insatiable and devoured without measure, everything that grew. Life and decay would be threatened.
The stone people came up with an idea to save the growth. They asked for an asteroid, which came soon and closed the business. In order to become part of the whole, he fell to the ground and melted, making it all the creepy even out. Time passed again and the growth overgrew the growth. This was also not in the sense of the task asked, so the stone people reflected again and realized that it was not the insatiability, not the missing measure, that was the problem, but the size of the creatures crawling. 
So they limited the dimensions of life and the required cycle was established. The client was thrilled and the stone people to peace. However, it turned out that the circulation did not remain in balance without intervention.
The insight was that what was crucial for the circulation was not the circulation but the intervention depending on the existing cycle, and so the stone people became an everlasting ordaining hand until the end of time

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